How To Find The Best Marketing Advice For Accountants


When accountants are just starting out, they are going to have to use a substantial amount of marketing in order to get a solid base of clientele. Many of the people in their city or town may already be using someone to do their taxes for them, or to provide accounting services. If you want to become well known, you need to do a substantial amount of advertising so that everyone knows that you are in business. Here are a few tips that accountants can use to be successful with their marketing.

Start With The Internet

You can start with the Internet by simply placing a PPC advertisement on Google. This will help you get traffic within the hour. Of course, you do have to have a website because you will need to put a destination and display URL as to where people will be going. The other option that you have is using Facebook that has a similar marketing platform. You will be able to choose based upon keyword phrases that people are typing in, and also information related to demographics.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is also online marketing, but it’s slightly different than direct advertising. Instead, you are going to have to improve your website to the point where the search engine algorithms will begin to rank the pages. You will want to target one keyword for every page that you post, and this also includes your main page. This is going to take a little bit longer to get traffic, usually a couple of weeks, before people are able to see you with your first page listing.

Social Media Marketing

Another way that you can get traffic is to build a social media page on Facebook or Twitter. You will want to make regular posts, most of which are going to direct people to your accounting website. You will want to post information about the accounting that people enjoy reading, or that they can use for their business. Occasionally, you will then want to direct them to the services that you offer which can help you get new clients. It is recommended, specifically on Facebook, that you do a “like” campaign in order to build up a number of followers that you have. The more people that see your posts, the more likely it is that they will able to become customers later on.

These are just a few marketing tips that accountants can use in order to get more traffic for their business. It can actually help them build a large number of clients in a short period of time. It is highly recommended that you use all three forms of marketing if you want to get the fastest results. After a period of several months, you should start to see your client base number is growing. You will soon have a successful accounting business if this is what you are doing for your company using these three marketing strategies.