Should You Use Your IRA To Buy Gold?


There are many people today that are taking part of their retirement account and using it to purchase gold. It is thought to be a very sound investment for several different reasons. Gold has been consistently rising in value for well over 100 years. Although there are dips from time to time, it continues to progress and is now valued at more than $1000 an ounce. The stock market, real estate market, and all of the other markets cannot affect the value of gold. That’s why it is a very good investment. However, many people are apprehensive about using their IRA to invest in gold. Here are a few of the reasons that you should consider doing this.

What Type Of Gold Should You Buy With Your IRA?

First of all, you need to think about the kind of gold that you are going to buy. Most people invest in gold coins. They will also consider bullion bars, whereas others will pay for gold nuggets. All of these are made of gold, and at the very least, can be melted down and sold for their actual value per their weight. Therefore, gold will always have a significant value, regardless of its form, but sometimes gold coins are going to be the most valuable investment. That’s because gold bullion bars can be made at any time, and gold nuggets may or may not be valuable based on their appearance, but gold coins can become scarce and therefore more expensive.

How Much Of Your IRA Should You Put Into Gold?

There are many people that wonder how much of your IRA you should put into gold. According to many experts, this amount should be roughly 20%. The other parts of your IRA are going to be investing in the stock market, and the vast majority of it will be in mutual funds. There are some people that do take a portion of their IRA and invested into real estate. This is also a very safe investment. If you have done your research, you can purchase property in areas that are beginning to develop, and they could appreciate in value very quickly. However, gold is always going to be a constant in that it will continue to rise regardless of its location, or what is happening with the world economy. That’s why 1/5 of your IRA should be attached to some form of gold, and this will make it possible for you to consistently increase your retirement fund by investing in this precious metal.

Where Should You Buy The Gold From?

If you are already working with an investor such as Regal Assets, they will likely have someone that they can talk to find gold coins or gold bullion for you. If you are lucky enough to know someone that has a gold nugget that is quite sizeable, and thus unique, that might be another wise investment that you can make. Some gold nuggets that have been found have sold for over $1 million. People are always looking for something unique that they can add to their collection. If your goal is to have something safe that is guaranteed to appreciate in value, any gold is going to be a sound investment.

By the time you reach retirement age, the gold that you have put away is going to be worth considerably more than you are paying for it right now. It’s going to help you feel confident about the amount of money that you will have in your retirement so that you will not have to worry about eating or paying your bills. You will likely have enough money to travel quite extensively, and have a very comfortable lifestyle, as long as you are including gold as part of your retirement with your IRA.